Program Milestones

Anniston Destroys All VX Rocket Motors from Kentucky

With the destruction of the last VX nerve agent rocket motors from the Blue Grass plant on April 12, the Anniston Field Office in Alabama helped take another step in the safe elimination of the nation’s last chemical weapons components.

The Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant’s D Crew displays a milestone banner for completion of 4.2-inch HT mortar round destruction. The crew saw the last HT round go through the Projectile/Mortar Disassembly system March 21 on its way to the Agent Processing Building for final destruction.

Destruction of 4.2-inch HT Mortar Rounds Complete at Pueblo Plant

The Pueblo plant workforce safely destroyed the final 4.2-inch mortar rounds filled with HT mustard agent on March 30, leaving 4.2-inch HD mortar rounds as the last munition category requiring elimination at the U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot in Colorado.

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