PCAPP Facts Archive

Facts: Projectile/Mortar Disassembly System

Provides an overview of the Projectile/Mortar Disassembly (PMD) system, which is a robot that allows PCAPP workers to dismantle a chemical agent-filled munition without human intervention.

Facts: PCAPP Training Facility

Highlights the features and functionality of the PCAPP Training Facility as well as the importance of the hiring and training processes of the operations workforce.

Facts: Munitions Washout System

Explains the steps of the Munitions Washout System, and how it drains and cleans chemical agent from munitions during the chemical weapons destruction process.

Facts: Munitions Treatment Unit

Provides an overview of the Munitions Treatment Unit, which heats munitions to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes to ensure decontamination before metal can be shipped offsite.

Facts: Munitions Handling Lift Assist

Provides information on air-powered, manually-operated Munitions Handling Lift Assist machines, also known as Industrial Manipulators, that enable the safe, ergonomic and efficient handling of materials of nearly any size, weight or shape.

Facts: Baseline Reconfiguration

Explains how munitions were reconfigured or disassembled going from a ready-to-use configuration to a ready-to-process configuration, prior to destruction.

Facts: Automated Guided Vehicle

Provides an overview of Automated Guided Vehicles, or AGVs, which carry mustard-filled munitions between the Enhanced Reconfiguration and Agent Processing Buildings at the Pueblo plant.

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