A technician helps an entrant with his protective suit as he gears up to perform a filter changeout activity at the Blue Grass Explosive Destruction Technology facility Dec. 9. A standard and planned-for operation, the filters were changed out after monitoring showed low-level mustard-agent breakthrough between the first and second filter banks in the main air filtration system.

First-Time Filter Change Activity

Technicians changed the filters in the IONEX 16K charcoal filter unit for the Blue Grass Explosive Destruction Technology facility for the first time mid-December.

Blue Grass plant munitions handlers unpack filters in anticipation of the Explosive Destruction Technology Service Magazine filter changeout at the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant.

Workers Complete Filter Change

Munitions handlers and a mechanic exchanged air filters for the building that temporarily stores the mustard munitions awaiting destruction in the Static Detonation Chamber Aug. 3.

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