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The Program Executive Office, Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives (PEO ACWA) is the government agency whose mission was to safely destroy the chemical weapons stockpile stored at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Kentucky and the U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot in Colorado. PEO ACWA is now overseeing the process of closing the destruction facilities in a safe, environmentally protective and compliant manner and in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements.

The storage and elimination of the chemical weapons stockpiles have been an economic opportunity for the communities of Richmond, Kentucky, and Pueblo, Colorado, where PEO ACWA administers the chemical weapons destruction facilities. Now that the chemical weapons are destroyed, the closure mission will take several more years. PEO ACWA is committed to partnering with local businesses and hiring local workers to successfully complete this effort. To learn more about employment or business opportunities in Richmond, refer to the contact information below.

In Richmond, Kentucky

Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass was selected by the government to design, build, systemize, operate and close the Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (BGCAPP), the facility where workers destroyed the chemical weapons stockpile located at the Blue Grass Army Depot. The Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass project website, https://bechtelparsonsbgcapp.bechtel.com/, includes an employment section that lists all current job opportunities. All applications for employment must be submitted in response to specific openings posted on the website.

The Blue Grass Army Depot is the site at which the chemical weapons in Kentucky were stored. The depot mission to provide reliable, timely and cost-effective munitions and chemical defense equipment in support of full spectrum military operations will continue beyond closure of BGCAPP. To learn more about government jobs at the depot, visit www.usajobs.gov. Each job announcement has requirements for when and where to submit applications and/or resumes. To learn more about security guard or firefighter positions at the depot, call the depot’s Civilian Personnel Assistance Center at (859) 779-6841.

Businesses who are potential suppliers and subcontractors are asked to register on the Bechtel Supplier and Contractor Portal at https://www.bechtel.com/supplier/. Most bid opportunities will be posted on the project website, https://bechtelparsonsbgcapp.bechtel.com/. For more information, contact Arch McAlister, small business program advocate, at (859) 625-6272 or amcalis1@bechtel.com.

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