Dec. 6 Colorado Chemical Demilitarization Citizens’ Advisory Commission Meeting (2023)

This is the Dec. 6 Colorado Chemical Demilitarization Citizens’ Advisory Commission online meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss activities at the U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot, as well as planning for the closure of the Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (PCAPP). Highlights from the meeting are listed below.

Meeting highlights are outlined below and embedded in the video description:

  • At approximately 0:00, the CAC meeting is called to order by Irene Kornelly, chair, CAC. Agenda items are discussed and approved. Minutes from the Oct. 26 CAC meeting are approved.
  • At approximately 2:03, Tamika Atkins, interim program executive officer, ACWA, addresses the CAC. She states that following the retirement of Michael Abaie, former program executive officer, ACWA, and the departure of Dr. James Watson, deputy program executive officer, ACWA, she will serve in the interim until a permanent replacement is made.
  • At approximately 4:59, Sheila Johnson, deputy commander, PCD, addresses the CAC. She discusses progress on the permit closure plan and shares news of the collaboration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to release black-footed ferrets into the area. She provides additional details about the Reduction in Force scheduled for March 2024 and workforce transition services. She shares news of a new reporting chain as PCD has been placed under Installation Management Command (IMCOM) at Fort Carson.
  • At approximately 9:49, Russell DeSalvo, citizen member, CAC, and CEO, PuebloPlex, discusses work on the 2024 budget and grant applications. He reports that PuebloPlex has hired John Chrisman as director of planning and development and discusses the property transfer progress.
  • At approximately 13:50, Laura Stalford, program manager, PuebloPlex, discusses the Pueblo Area Defense Diversification Act and workforce transition and community outreach activities.
  • At approximately, 18:10, Julianna Mahr, unit leader, CDPHE, discusses progress on closure permit modification request (PMR) B071 and the extension of the public comment period through Jan. 15.
  • At approximately 24:25, Kornelly asks if there will there be a separate public meeting for PMR B073, which is confirmed as 2 p.m. MT on Jan. 10.
  • At approximately 26:13, Todd Ailes, Bechtel project manager, provides an update on major changes included in the Notice of Deficiency (NOD) response to PMR B071.
  • At approximately 35:32, Colleen Brisnehan, member, CAC, emphasized that approval of the closure plan will not occur at the close of the public comment period, which is what prompted creation of PMR B073.
  • At approximately 36:45, John Norton, citizen member, CAC, and chair, Biotreatment Utilization Group, introduces Patrick Sullivan, environmental manager/field office scientist, PCAPP, who provides an update on biotreatment, including inventory and overall status of the Biotreatment Area systems.
  • At approximately 44:10, Norton asks when sludge clean-out will occur.
  • At approximately 47:21, Ken Griffin, citizen member, CAC, asks how tanks will be disposed of.
  • At approximately 47:50, Velma Campbell, citizen member, CAC, asks about the bidding process and if there has been consideration of non-incineration disposal techniques.
  • At approximately 51:11, Walton Levi, site project manager, PCAPP, briefly introduces Troy Worthen as the new plant manager. Levi presents the Colorado Chemical Weapons Destruction 2023 Year in Review video.
  • At approximately, 57:43, Worthen introduces himself to the CAC.
  • At approximately 58:57, Ailes provides updates on plant safety/safety training.
  • At approximately 1:00:54, Worthen provides a main plant update.
  • At approximately 1:01:47, Levi provides a hydrolysate process and shipping update.
  • At approximately 1:03:43, Worthen and Levi provide an update regarding Static Detonation Chamber activities.
  • At approximately 1:05:35, Ailes discusses closure of the PCAPP Training Facility and the Pueblo Chemical Stockpile Outreach Office. Ailes also provides information regarding the PCAPP closure plan and NOD responses. Ailes later discusses workforce staff reductions and transition efforts, charitable activities by PCAPP employees and the project’s economic impact to date.

Next scheduled CAC and subcommittee meetings: 3 p.m. MT Jan. 31, 2024

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