Oct. 25 Colorado Chemical Demilitarization Citizens’ Advisory Commission Meeting (2023)

This is the Oct. 25 Colorado Chemical Demilitarization Citizens’ Advisory Commission online meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the destruction of the chemical weapons stockpile at the U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot, as well as planning for the closure of the Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (PCAPP). Highlights from the meeting are listed below.

Meeting highlights are outlined below and embedded in the video description:

  • At approximately 0:00, the CAC meeting is called to order by Irene Kornelly, chair, CAC. Agenda items are discussed and approved. Minutes from the September CAC meeting are approved.
  • At approximately 2:10, Dr. Jim Watson, deputy program executive officer, ACWA, addresses the CAC. He states that he is open for questions from meeting attendees.
  • At approximately 3:12, Col. Rodney McCutcheon, commander, PCD, addresses the CAC. He discusses progress on the permit closure plan. He shares that PCD has been involved in community outreach activities, such as a food drive, blood drive and several Veterans Day events. He notes the upcoming PCD Restoration Advisory Board base realignment closure team meeting. He also shares that PCD is collaborating with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to release black-footed ferrets into the area. He highlights three new job postings.
  • At approximately 7:10, Russell DeSalvo, citizen member, CAC, and CEO, PuebloPlex, introduces Laura Stalford, program manager, PuebloPlex.
  • At approximately 7:33, Stalford discusses the Pueblo Area Defense Diversification Act and workforce transition activities.
  • At approximately 12:33, Watson asks whether anyone has collected data reflecting how many PCAPP employees are choosing to stay in the Pueblo area versus leaving to go elsewhere.
  • At approximately 14:44, John Norton, citizen member, CAC, and chair, Biotreatment Utilization Group, asks which facilities can possibly be reused at PCAPP.
  • At approximately 16:35, Velma Campbell, citizen member, CAC, asks McCutcheon for more information regarding the recent job postings he mentioned during his briefing.
  • At approximately 20:08, Ken Griffin, citizen member, CAC, asks DeSalvo if a price for PCD land has been determined.
  • At approximately, 21:05, Julianna Mahr, unit leader, CDPHE, discusses progress concerning the closure permit.
  • At approximately 24:16, Norton asks for the status of the Biotreatment Area (BTA) assessment. Patrick Sullivan, environmental manager/field office scientist, PCAPP, provides an update on biotreatment.
  • At approximately 28:41, Norton asks whether biotreatment will be complete by the end of 2023.
  • At approximately 29:40, Norton asks how the biotreatment pipes will be flushed/cleaned.
  • At approximately 31:26, Ailes provides updates on plant safety/safety training. He also shares a main plant update.
  • At approximately 35:38, Levi provides an overview of hydrolysate processing.
  • At approximately 36:53, Ailes provides an update regarding Static Detonation Chamber activities, including the locations of their new homes. Ailes also discusses closure of the Training Facility.
  • At approximately 39:35, Levi discusses the closure of the Pueblo Chemical Stockpile Outreach Office (ORO).
  • At approximately 41:02, Ailes provides additional information regarding the PCAPP closure plan.
  • At approximately 45:27, Mahr provides additional information regarding the PCAPP closure plan.
  • At approximately 45:56, Ailes provides details regarding closure of the SDC complex.
  • At approximately 46:35, Terry Hart, vice chair, CAC, asks what will happen to ORO contents upon its closure.
  • At approximately 48:24, Kornelly asks whether the domestic disposition of the three SDC units affects the closure plan.
  • At approximately 49:23, Ailes discusses workforce staff reductions and transitions.
  • At approximately 53:58, Kornelly asks whether most staff leaving the project early have other jobs lined up.
  • At approximately 56:48, Ailes highlights recent charitable activities by PCAPP employees.
  • At approximately 59:06, Levi expresses appreciation for contributions of Mr. Michael Abaie, program executive officer, ACWA, toward chemical demilitarization in light of his retirement at the end of November. Levi also notes that a Denver Post reporter toured PCAPP, PCD, and PuebloPlex earlier in the week.
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