Pueblo Static Detonation Chamber Team Demonstrates Operations



Munitions transporters unload inert 4.2-inch mortar rounds from the back of a Modified Ammunition Vehicle during Integrated Operations Demonstrations. (Portions of this photograph have been blurred in accordance with Department of Defense guidelines)



A Modified Ammunition Vehicle is inspected before inert rounds are loaded during Integrated Operations Demonstrations.

Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant Static Detonation Chamber workers demonstrated their training and preparation to destroy munitions.

“All SDC workers have been put to the test during Integrated Operations Demonstrations,” said John Jackson, SDC start-up manager. “They have proven they are ready to handle safe and compliant processing of 4.2-inch mortar rounds in the SDC units.”

The demonstrations show that workers are ready for agent operations and trained to handle any situation that may arise, providing stakeholders with confidence in workers’ ability to process actual munitions.

“I believe everybody who has come out to witness or participated remotely in the demonstrations have been pleased,” Jackson said. “We have items to address, but this is an expected outcome and will make our processes more robust and compliant.”

Demonstrations simulated several emergency situations, including a global loss of power, a hazardous material spill and agent alarms. Day-to-day operations, such as munitions transfers, shift turnover and toxic area entries, were also simulated.

“Performance of all crews handling the various events has been professional and transparent,” Jackson said. “The next step is for our stakeholders to let us know that we can begin agent operations. This lets us know they are confident in our abilities.”

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