No Significant Environmental Impacts to Result from Installation and Operation of Static Detonation Chambers at Pueblo Chemical Depot

CONTACT: Tom Schultz

U.S. ARMY PUEBLO CHEMICAL DEPOT, Colo. – The Pueblo Chemical Depot, in conjunction with the Program Executive Office, Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives (PEO ACWA) program, has determined that the proposed action of the installation and operation of three Static Detonation Chambers (SDCs) at the depot will have no significant environmental impacts. The SDCs will augment the Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (PCAPP) by destroying a limited portion of the depot’s inventory of chemical munitions that present a problem to destroy in the main plant.

In August 2018, an environmental assessment was completed to meet the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, and Title 32 Code of Federal Regulations Part 651, to address any potential impacts of the installation and operation of SDC units at the depot. In accordance with the NEPA process, a draft Finding of No Significant Impact was prepared and provided for an extended public comment period that ended October 6, 2018. Following review of the comments received, it was concluded that no additional analysis is necessary for this proposed action under NEPA.

The “Finding of No Significant Impact,” as well as the record of public comments and responses from ACWA may be found on the ACWA Website and at the following locations:

  • Robert Hoag Rawlings Public Library, 100 East Abriendo Avenue, Pueblo, Colo.
  • McHarg Park Community Center, 405 2nd Lane, Avondale, Colo.
  • Boone Community Center, 421 East First Street, Boone, Colo.
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