Plant Restart Proving Successful

A Projectile/Mortar Disassembly (PMD) system is pictured during systemization activities with test equipment. The PMD ensures the safe and efficient removal of explosive components from chemical munitions.

The Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant continues to make progress since resuming operations June 13.

“We had the single best day we’ve had since we restarted operations,” said Kim Jackson, plant manager, PCAPP, in response to pilot testing activities performed Aug. 8. Pilot testing is the introduction of agent-filled munitions under increasing process rates to demonstrate personnel, facilities and equipment are ready for full-scale operations.

In one day, Aug. 8, energetics were removed from munitions in the Explosion Containment Rooms; Agent Neutralization Reactors simultaneously processed two wash water batches; Cavity Access Machines drained agent from munition bodies; and the Supplemental Decontamination Unit processed waste. At the same time, Baseline Reconfiguration, the removal of munitions from wooden boxes and fiberboard tubes and the removal of explosive components from 4.2-inch mortar rounds, occurred in the Enhanced Reconfiguration Building.

“This is a significant achievement for us and credit goes to the crews for never ceasing to troubleshoot issues as they arise,” said Jackson. “With a pilot plant, there will always be something that will come up, and I believe we have the right team in place to overcome any challenges.”

As of Aug. 17, a total of 52,928 155mm projectiles have been processed and 7,525 4.2-inch mortar rounds have been reconfigured.

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